Wicked Delicious

15 May 1984
Arcata, California, United States
Interests: (139)
ani difranco, anthropology, arcata, art, asinine wickedness, asking questions, autonomy, avocados, avoiding tv, basking in the sun, battles of intellect, being naked, bell hooks, berry picking, beth & sarah's garden, blacksmithing, books, bread baking, bread pudding, breathing, broken bridge, camping, carpentry, caves, ceramics, chai, challenging privilege, chocolate, climbing trees, coffee, combat boots, comfortable silences, compassion, contentment, conversations, couch forts, crepes, cunning linguists, debate, debauchery, diy, doctor who, environmental field studies, escape plans, falling stars, farming, forests, getting lost, growing things, haiku, halloween, hands, harry potter, hiking, homegrown tomatoes, hot chocolate, human beans, humboldt county, humboldt state university, inalienable rights, irish breakfast tea, jeanette winterson, kimonos, knee high boots, knitting, laughing, leaving drunken phone messages, lemon verbena, little river farm, long drives, lucid dreaming, moss gardens, mountains, museums, naked ladies, naps, natural history, nekkid time, night, nudity, old friends, photograpy, poetry, pottery, pretty notebooks, projectionists, pyramid lake, quiet, rain, raku, redemption, redheads, rings, rivers, road trips, roof tops, samus, science, screaming your name, self-sufficiency, severus snape, sewing, singing, sixteen horsepower, sleeping outside, smart wool, smoke, snakes, soap making, soft grass, spinning, strength, subverting the dominant paradigm, sugar snap peas, suspiciously long showers, tattoos, tea, teaching, the nakie dance, the pacific ocean, the redwood empire, the river, the rockefeller forest, thunder, tofu, trailer bride, travelling, tree houses, trees, vegetarian cooking, warmth, water, weakness, whispered secrets, white russians, women, wood-burning stoves, written on the body, you
I discovered the city within the city that is the knowledge of a few. In the soft darkness that hides the future from the over-curious, I content myself with this; that where I will be will not be where I am. The cities of the interior are vast, do not lie on any map.